Santorini Lava Glow


Experience the allure of the Santorini Lava Glow Bundle, where the natural treasures of Greece unite to invigorate your skin. This captivating collection now features the enriching additions of our Black Lava Face Scrub, the luxurious Black Lava Face Cream, the indulgent Black Lava Body Butter, and the versatile Body/Hair Oil. Infused with the goodness of Organic Greek Olive Oil and Black Lava Extract, embrace the exfoliating power of our Black Lava Face Scrub, the nourishing luxury of our Black Lava Face Cream, and the hydrating enchantment of the Black Lava Body Butter and Body/Hair Oil.

Dive into the volcanic energy of Santorini, where each product delivers a captivating glow to your daily routine. It's time to uncover your skin's radiant potential with the magic of Greece.